Investors Built by Investors for Investors

Our Philosophy

US Property Investors, LLC employs a collaborative, multi-disciplined approach to our investment execution. Having an investment philosophy shaped over multiple market cycles, we are able to show positive results on each asset invested in. From our acquisition price, renovation cost, to resale, we have always performed and acheived great profits. Our primary focus is short-term markets, where we are in/out typically in less than 6 months giving us less exposure to down trending markets with higher returns.

US Property Investors, LLC uses investment decisions that are predicated on several fundamentals:

  • Focus on a successful exit strategy for properties in major, liquid markets prior to acquisition
  • Acquire assets with strong site attributes such as proximity to amenities that raise value and provide less hold times when liquidating
  • Provide a quality product that draws in the top price for the market the asset is located in

Our firm has experience across all traditional property types (e.g., single family residences, land, development, office, industrial, apartment and retail), as well as specialty property types, but our core component is the single family residences. Our ability to gauge accurate market conditions with a pre-set exit strategy has consistantly provided the least risk to our investors.

We utilize every tool and even created some of our own proprietary technology that anticipates market conditions, searches the entire MLS for properties that will possibly be great flips, in addition it having an algorithm to determine if adding additional square feet would make it a feasible investment.

Our goals

Recognize Strategy and Growth

Our framework is a so-called "new" approach to helping other real estate flipping companies that joint venture with us to become even more successful by partnering with a brand that incorporates "maximizing profitability" with clear planning and systems in place.

Redefine the Investment Approach

Not all investors make decisions based on the tradeoff "risk" and "return". Investors who are aggressive with longer term investments (buy/hold rentals) may desire a portfolio with risk relative to broad equity. We built technology to benefit buy/hold rental investments used by our portfolio management team. Our acquisition process is custom tailored via proprietary technology to meet each investor's needs. read more


Over the years, our company has utilized traditional methods of locating investment properties. Today, we are now using proprietary technology, acquisition marketing campaigns, social media. building relationship with agents, homeowners, asset managers, and wholesalers, as an intricate part of the acquisition process.

What we offer

We are a company that was "Built by Investors, for Investors"

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Attention to Detail

Constant updates

Great Returns


Turn Key

Great Partnerships

Company history

We highlight the events that have helped form the company.

  1. 2014
  2. GF Real Estate Services

    Affiliate Relationship

    We have finalized a relationship with a prestigious real estate flipping company that performs 100 flips per year. This strategic alliance allows both USPI and GF to take advantage of each other strengths to build a solid platform for investments.

  3. US Property Investors

    US Property Investors, LLC.

    To capitalize on the market opportunities, US Property Investors, LLC was formed with extremely complex proprietary technology that quickly identifies under-valued assets. These assets are then acquired at significant discounts, and after renovation, can be sold for a profit.

  4. 2012
  5. Real Estate Investment Technology

    Real Estate Investment Technology

    Our system continuously performs a Comparative Market Analysis on every property. It then looks at similar properties and their rents. It quickly and effectively performs a cash flow analysis. Once it locates a positive cash flow asset, it then generates a trend analysis for the market conditions of that specific property. All of this is done minutes after any property is listed for sale.

Get to know What We Do

We invest in real estate making substantial profits with a short-term stradegy.

  • Incredible Returns for Our Investors

    US Property Investors constantly performs their due dilligence on the assets it acquires for its investments. We will continue to provide a constant return which delivers superior results for our portfolio which in return allows us to pay great returns to our investors. I personally would like to thank the individuals and companies who invest in our success

    Arlan Lloyd


  • "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest."

    We recommend that everyone does their research when investing in Trust Deeds or Properties. Do your due dilligence, get to know who you are working with, what the terms are and what their track record is. Educate yourself and protect your investment.

    Benjamin Franklin

    Born Jan. 17th, 1706 | Died Apr. 17th, 1790

  • "I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful."

    Being prepared to invest is making the right step, just know when to invest and what to invest in.

    Warren Buffett

    Born Aug. 30th, 1930

  • "How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case."

    Investing in a savings account is a sure bet, but with extremely low interest rate you gains will be minimal. A savings account is a reliable place for liquid assets whereas Real Estate investments are not.

    Robert G. Allen

    Born May 20th, 1948