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Real Estate Agents, we buy properties that we can flip. If you locate a great deal and/or are the listing agent on the property and would like for a performing company to purchase, please make sure it is:

  • A Great Deal that is well below market value!
  • A Profit After All Cost (Rehab, Holding, Taxes, Insurance, HOA, Escrow, Title and Commissions)

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Agents, are you looking for an all cash buyer?

We all stumble across great deals, so wouldn’t it be nice to know someone that would actually purchase these deals and let you represent them in the transaction? Congratulations, you have just found that company!

Let us take a second out so we can explain what we consider to be a "GREAT DEAL." A great deal does not mean you have found a property that is $5000 below market value. We would like to be clear on our criteria, so we do not waste your time or ours. We primarily buy homes that are in conditions that rarely qualify for financing, need updating or complete renovation. These properties present challenges and opportunities, but after all work is done, we can make a nifty profit. You need to take into consideration that there are holding costs, interest payments, escrow and title, property taxes and commissions. Most real estate agents do not take this into consideration when working with investors.

We are always looking to build strong relationships with agents. You will not find a better company to work with that will always perform. If you are the listing agent and your Sellers are looking for a fast and all cash buyer who can close quickly, look no further. We do not care who the agents are in the acquisition process. If you find a hot deal and wished you had a buyer for it, now you do. Do not hesitate to submit any great deals you come across over to us for review. We are fast to perform our due diligence and if we decide to move forward, you can write up our offer and represent us in the purchase.

Agents, submit your deals to us!

Please be thorough when submitting a property for us to consider purchasing. Provide a short summary of the property that outlines details such as repairs needed, what upgrades you would recommend and any other pertinent information regarding the property. If you have an approximate idea for the cost of rehab/upgrades, please include them as well. Also, provide us a comparable market analysis along with photos of the subject property you are presenting. No detail is too insignificant or small. The more details you provide, the faster the response you will receive.

Agents who wholesale

We will buy wholesale properties as long as the deal makes sense. It has been our experience that most wholesale deals have multiple fingers in the cookie jar, thus by the time we get the deal, it is way overpriced. Currently, we get between 7 and 20 emails a day from wholesalers claiming they have great deals. Ninety-nine percent of these emails have no supporting documentation to the value or cost of estimated repairs and they use Zestimate to validate their value. Please note, we do not use Zillow for estimates. Again, we do not want to waste your time or ours either. If you genuinely think you have a great deal, we would love to hear from you.

Are You An Investor and Licensed Real Estate Agent?

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