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Purchasing bulk tapes for REO management

We Buy REO Tapes for Southern California!

At US Property Investors, LLC, we have the resources necessary to purchase bulk REO tapes throughout Southern California. Sometimes we even move outside of our usual territory depending on price points and expected returns. We are not a third-party purchaser -- you must be the principle buyer or acting on behalf of the principle for the purchase. We also do not pay third party points, finder fees or up charges.

Turn to US Property Investors for a direct buyer able to handle the due diligence necessary as fast as possible. We help connect investors and sellers to buy REOs in bulk in Southern California.

First Trust Deed Notes

First Trust Deed Notes

We also invest in first trust deed notes, purchasing pools of sub-performing and non-performing notes secured by a first deed of trust. We will negotiate the purchase price with the financial institution holding the note to acquire first lien position at a price well below current market value on the property. We also make it a goal to have the trust deed become a performing note that can then be sold for up to three times the purchase price.

At US Property Investors, LLC, we have spent years building relationships with banks around the country, giving investors the chance to invest their money in distressed or charged-off notes secured by properties throughout Southern California. We have the means to purchase mortgages at a steep discount, offering a secure investment with a great return on investment. We can then choose monthly income or helping owners refinance and cash out. Typically, we hold loans for up to six months, then sell at a premium or help the borrower refinance.