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Pricing a Home to Sell Fast in Any Market

Selling a home fast is the key to any flipping project, and it’s a skill you need to learn in any market. While you’ll usually have no trouble when supply outstrips demand, you can run into trouble in a slow market without a solid pricing strategy.


Picking the Right Contractor

Most people put more work into choosing a car or television than they do into picking the right contractor. While some get lucky using this approach and hire a contractor who does good, timely work, many more get burned in the process, hiring someone who cuts corners or disappears from the job.


New Room Additions

What do you do with a property that has an ideal location and good bones — but not quite enough space? If built properly, new room additions can bring additional value to a home, and make the property easier to market to the right people.


Staging a Home

Staging a home is key to selling quickly and for the most money. Unfortunately, a lot of house flippers end up leaving money on the table by trying to market an empty house. After you’ve put so much care into choosing the right cabinets, tile, paint and flooring, why throw money away by bringing potential buyers in to try to envision a real home?