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If you are looking to buy, develop or sell land for subdivision, US Property Investors, LLC can acquire the land, and do all the work for you.

Sell US Your Burdensome Property

Do you have a large parcel of land that is sitting vacant? Would you like to subdivide your property, but don’t have the money to make it happen? US Property Investors, LLC is highly skilled in the acquisition and development of subdivisions, and we can relieve you of your unused land. Don’t let vacant land burn a hole in your pocket! Let US Property Investors, LLC buy the land and turn it into something profitable for yourself and others.

Thinking of Subdividing on Your Own?

Many people buy land, thinking that they can easily split it up into lots and sell them off for profit. What most of those people fail to realize is that there is a myriad of costs associated with taking on the task themselves. In order to successfully subdivide the land, you must:

  • Make sure there are no liens against the property
  • Contact the Planning and Development office in your county to determine restrictions and zoning ordinances.
  • Hire an Engineer or Architect to help you plan the subdivision; including provisions for utilities, roads and the number of subdivisions to be made.
  • Hire someone to conduct a property survey
  • Apply for a Planning Permit from the local planning commission, which also includes paying any applicable fees.
  • Wait for county approval of your subdivision- this can be costly AND time-consuming.
Developing Land

Many times, people won’t have the means to do all of this on their own, so not only is it cost-efficient to sell that property to us, it will save you a lot of stress and time.

Looking to Build a Home?

Are you interested in building your “forever home” on a small piece of your land, but can’t afford the construction or the subdivision? US Property Investors, LLC can buy your land, subdivide it into lots, build homes on them, and then sell you back the home and parcel of your choice. This can be a very profitable option if you want a freshly built home, without the burden of a large plot of land.

You also have the option of building the home on the land as-is, which can get VERY expensive. When hiring a builder to construct your home, you will be able to work with them to custom-design your home, but you will also have to make sure that the builder is well insured; job-site accidents of any size can become burdensome to your property and your budget. When you are paying the construction costs yourself, it is possible that you will face a dramatic increase in lumber and material costs, which you will have to factor into your budget- this can potentially limit your available budget for customization and additional modifications of your home design.

Property Flipper’s Paradise

If you’re a real-estate aficionado who enjoys flipping properties for quick profit, US Property Investors, LLC can be your best asset. With us buying the land, subdividing it AND building on the lots, you can buy as few or as many lots as you wish, then turn around and sell them to your heart’s content. If you are a recreational flipper that likes to buy large sums of land, but despises the work involved in subdividing and developing, we can help! Sell us the land; we will split it up, develop it, and find buyers for it, while you can take the money and focus on your next big land acquisition.