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Marketing Your Flip

Marketing your Flip Property

You found the right property to invest in. The rehab is complete and now it is time to sell. Having the right marketing plan in place is a crucial step in getting a higher return on your investment. Knowing how to properly market your flip will sell the property faster and you will see more profits from your investment.

The marketing possibilities are limitless. Implementing even the most basic ideas, if done right, will get your property seen by thousands of potential buyers. Here are just a few examples of what we know works.


Taking good pictures of your freshly rehabbed home is the first step to marketing. No matter what marketing you decide to do, you will need pictures. The property flyers, just listed postcards, even putting the property online…you need good pictures.

You don’t need to break the bank with a professional photographer if it’s not in the budget. You just need to make sure they are good quality pictures of a clean, hopefully staged, home. Blurry or bad quality photos will turn potential buyers away and your marketing efforts will be in vain.

First impressions are everything. If you don’t have a good picture of the front of the house, the buyer looking at your marketing material will not want to see more. Be sure to take pictures that represent the selling features of the home. You don’t need pictures from every angle, but you want to showcase the best parts of the house. Views, pools, even built-in features. A picture tells the story. Make it a good one.

Online Marketing

Pictures for Marketing

Once you have several good quality pictures you can start marketing your home online. There are literally hundreds of websites designed to show properties for sale. If you have the right marketing in place, your property will be seen by thousands in seconds. These sites will give amazing detail about the property and they even generate reports showing who is interested in your property.

Giving numerous details about the properties features, a map, surrounding community features will also help sell the home faster. People want to know as much about the property before deciding to go and see it. There are more and more people searching the internet for homes than ever before. It is so easy to click through a site than getting in your car and driving around. You just have to make sure your online profile will give them a reason to make the trip to see the house for themselves. Online Real Estate Websites are state of the art and are an essential part of selling your flip property faster.

Open Houses & Property Flyers

Open House

Creating a property flyer is easy with today’s marketing tools. There are templates you can use to create the flyers. You already have the pictures, the property details and description. Once you have the property flyer together, print some nice color flyers. Put them in a flyer box on the For Sale sign so potential buyers can stop by and grab one.

You can also use the property flyers to advertise an Open House. Holding Open Houses draw the buyers in. Strategically posting Open House signs and directing them to the property is a key step. Open Houses are a wonderful, inexpensive way to market your property. You can also advertise your Open Houses on the Real Estate websites.

Knowing when to hold the Open House is another key step. For example, if your property is located near a school, you may want to know when school gets out and avoid peak traffic times. This could deter potential buyers. Holding Open Houses on the weekend is the typical time, but when is the best time of day? If you’re holding it on a Sunday, perhaps it would be best to start earlier for the people just getting out of church.

Remember to be strategic in all aspects of the Open House. Put the signs out, make sure the home is clean and welcoming, and make sure to pick the best day and time to bring in the most traffic. You will see fantastic results when you put forth the right effort.

Print Ads

Online Marketing

Advertising in the paper is quite expensive and doesn’t have the same audience it once did. More and more buyers are searching online because it’s quick & easy. There are more pictures and details about the property online than you get from a small picture and a few lines in the Newspaper. Your money would be better spent in ads online, property flyers and For Sale signs.

You may want to consider sending out Just Listed postcards in the neighborhood. There are potential buyers that may be renting or neighbors that have friends and family looking to move into the area. This is a less expensive, but effective marketing method.

There are so many ways to Market your Property in today’s world. Virtual Tours, Social Media, Open Houses, Online Ads… If you stick to the basics, you will sell your Investment Property quickly and for the most money possible.