Real Estate Investment Technology REI Wizard

Our Proprietary Real Estate Investment Technology

Our proprietary system locates opportunities based on non-emotional, pure raw data from multiple sources. Giving the availability of the data feeds, the R.E.I. Wizard can run the same calculations in any market, ANYWHERE in the U.S.

Within seconds, it identifies the following:
  • Undervalued Assets
  • Positive Trending (cash on cash)
  • CAP Rates (Providing positive yielding cash flow)

Our system continuously performs a Comparative Market Analysis on every property. It then looks at similar properties and their rents. It quickly and effectively performs a cash flow analysis. Once it locates a positive cash flow asset, it then generates a trend analysis for the market conditions of that specific property. All of this is done minutes after any property is listed for sale.

Once a property has been identified by our R.E.I. Wizard, it runs algorithms and mathematical formulas based on specific designed variables to show potential ROI’s for flip potentials or buy and hold.

R.E.I. Wizard runs a continuous string of calculations for all areas that have properties for sale. These calculations cover street, neighborhood, ½ mile, 1 mile, zip code and city for the last 3 months, 6 months and one year.

As R.E.I. Wizard analyzes a property to determine market value, it also compares all rentals in the above geography determining if the property is a good buy and hold investment.

R.E.I. Wizard is equiped with a "confidence indicator" based on the number of comparable assets and the time periods that it is comparing.

Our application can run calculations based on specific parameters. For example, If you want it to look only at houses that are below a certain value with a set number of beds/baths, it will do that. We can customize R.E.I. Wizard to pinpoint only ROI Values you are interested in with accuracy

Once all of the above is completed within seconds for ALL the properties that hit the market, we can draw a bullseye on the property that has profit for a flip, or buy and hold.

Locating the BEST Real Estate Investments

Our system adds value through systematically locating the best investments that will effectively maximize profits and minimize risk based on your investment guidelines. Our system updates every 5 minutes and can calculate the reward over risk assessment on hundreds of properties in just minutes. The system goes a step even further allowing us to write offers in less than a second on any asset it locates.

REI Wizard

Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)

Utilizing an array of active, backup, pending and recent sold properties located close to the subject property, R.E.I. Wizard is able to accurately assess the value of any specific property.

Rent Roll Evaluation

Looking at similar properties that are presently rented within a 1/2, 1, and 2 mile radius, our proprietary software is able to determine what the property will rent for.


Utilizing the market data, R.E.I. Wizard generates trends for similar properties. It builds these trends based on a half mile and mile radius, the zip code and city. Our software can assess the market conditions for a specific property with a high level of confidence.

Cash Flow Analysis

R.E.I. Wizard will look at the list price of the property, utilize the rent evaluations and take into consideration taxes, insurance, property management, vacancy, repairs, and any other applicable cost to generate a cash flow analysis. (CAP Rate)

Reverse Engineer Property Value by Cap Rate

We are able to reverse the Cash Flow Analysis based on the criteria you set for the cash flow. We can then determine the value of the property based on your specific criteria. We take this number and compare it to the CMA value, thus giving us an accurate price range to stay within should the asset be acquired.

Submission of Offer on Property

We have streamlined the process, so that our software can generate an offer within seconds on any property. This enables us to write hundreds of offers on properties in any given day without requiring a huge overhead cost.

Our Guardian Angels Constantly Analyze All Our Assets

We are constantly monitoring and checking market conditions for all our real estate investments

Features from our “Guardian Angels”

Our system keeps a close eye on all our investments. We are constantly updating our data and performing asset evaluations to ensure that performance is moving in the direction planned. In the event of any changes, we are alerted immediately so everyone involved can act fast and make informed decisions. This constant monitoring and tracking is referred to as our “Guardian Angels”

Outside Investors

Our system can indicate which assets are being liquidated by other outside investors on a daily basis.

Chart Trends

We continuously watch the real estate market to chart trends and look for changes in inventory and prices on a daily basis.

Investor Acquisitions

We constantly look to see if other large investors are still acquiring new assets.


Our software monitors all the above activities, in addition to utilizing other sites such as CoreLogic and DataQuick, for their analysis in looking for any indications of changes that we should be aware of.

Real Estate Investment Technology

We perform a comparative market analysis on each asset on a daily basis. These figures are saved into a database and compared to each week’s performance. We watch the trend of each asset to ensure it is performing as anticipated. We provide you access to the summary reports with the option to break it down to an individual asset.