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How to Get Started in Trust Deed Investing

All you have to do is sign up to become a Trust Deed Investor or give us a call. We will then contact you, explain the process in detail, and once you have been approved as one of our Trust Deed Investors, you will start to receive Trust Deed investment packages either by email, phone, or both as they become available. You only select the investments you wish to invest in.

If you would like to read in detail our process for Trust Deeds, please visit the page "Trust Deed Investment Process"

Before signing up as Trust Deed Investor

Prior to signing up with us to become a First Trust Deed Investor, it is important to know the following:

  • All Trust Deeds utilized are for short term real estate projects (Rehab/Room Additions/Flip/Wholesale)
  • Most Trust Deed Investment opportunities are not listed on this site due to most are already sourced. We only post the ones we have not found an investor for
  • To broker the Trust Deed transaction, we utilize an affiliate company. (We are licensed with the California Bureau of Real Estate)
  • You will always get full disclosure of all material facts in a transaction
  • Invest in Trust Deeds that you choose
  • We do not pool funds
  • You will be asked to provide "Proof of Funds" based on the amount you wish to limit
  • We only utilize escrow with draw instructions based upon each project and their agreement with you
  • All payments are made on time
  • You may sell the Trust Deed Note at any time, but we must be notified 48 hrs after the note is sold
  • You or your company will be listed as the loss payee on insurance
  • We always use Title and get a full binder for Title Insurance
  • We will provide you with an in depth summary of the investment on a weekly basis which includes progress of rehab, comparable properties updates, etc.
  • You can opt-in to our Rare Deals which may be outside the scope of rehab and the terms offered. We occasionally come across development projects that are longer term, but with much higher rewards
  • Gap funding investments may be needed occasionally and we will list these opportunities to you
  • We partner with likeminded real estate investors
  • We do not pay points to our Trust Deed Investors
  • Our Rate and Terms are the only programs we utilize which are some of the highest returns to our investors
  • We do not utilize other brokers/hard money lenders. Our sources are direct only with the investor
  • We make it a point to build a strong relationship with you
  • We are the Principals in the transaction

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