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Looking for a Cash Buyer for your Home?

We buy houses in all price ranges, regardless if the home is ugly, and/or structurally challenged. We also buy homes where the homeowners are in precarious situations such as divorce, facing foreclosure, need to relocate, or have inherited unwanted property.

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We Buy Real Estate

Do you want to sell your home as fast as possible with no hassle, renovations, or open houses? You are in the right place! US Property Investors, LLC will buy your home in any condition with a fast, fair, cash offer and several options to meet your needs. In most cases, we make an offer within hours and close in less than seven days!

What We Look For

US Property Investors, LLC has a large network of real estate investors. We buy everything from single-family homes, condos, townhomes, duplexes, manufactured homes, and the occasional commercial property.

We are in the business of buying homes to make a profit. We look for good deals above all else and we only consider properties that are:

  • Priced well below market value
  • Provide a profit after cost (including rehab, holding, taxes, HOA, escrow, insurance, commissions, etc.)

We generally buy properties in such poor condition that most buyers cannot qualify to finance, update, and renovate the property. We are after the challenging projects, not merely properties priced $5,000 below market value.

Who Should Contact Us About Buying Their Properties?



Turn to US Property Investors if you want a fast closing, no unreasonable demands, and an all cash purchase. To make the process as easy as possible, we will pay regular closing costs and buy your home as-is. Whether you are relocating, facing foreclosure, dealing with divorce, job loss, or your house has major structural problems and you cannot afford the repairs, we understand how hard it is to sell your home quickly. Contact us for a no-obligation cash offer to buy your home today and get your money in as little as seven days! Learn More

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

US Property Investors, LLC is the company you have been searching for to buy all those great deals you come across. We buy homes in such poor condition that most traditional financing lenders will not finance. Most of these properties require a complete renovation. We are always happy to build strong relationships with agents! If your sellers are looking for a fast closing and an all-cash buyer, do not hesitate to submit the property to us for review. You can represent us in the purchase! If you have a great deal, we want to hear from you! Learn More

Asset Managers

Asset Managers

US Property Investors, LLC has the resources to purchase bulk REO tapes throughout Southern California, and in some cases, outside of our usual area depending on expected returns and price points. We are a direct buyer, and/or depending upon circumstances, we may also connect our investors directly with you. If you need someone to purchase the bulk real estate owned tapes, give us a call or fill out our form below and we will contact you. In addition to tapes, we also invest in first trust deed notes and pools of sub-performing or non-performing notes secured by a first deed of trust. Learn More



If you have a deal and are looking to liquidate the property fast, you came to the right place. US Property Investors, LLC purchases homes it can buy well below market value. Please do not submit deals to us if you are not 100 percent sure it is a winning proposition. Your time is valuable and so is ours. We have had a great deal of experience with wholesalers not performing their due diligence, thus wasting a lot of our time. Please ensure that what you are trying to resale or assign has value for an investor. We have guidelines that are very simple to follow. Please read our guidelines for a great deal on the agent section of this site.

3 Things You Need to Know When Selling to USPI

Regardless if you are a homeowner, agent, wholesaler, or an asset manager, we are going to do our own due diligence. In order to get you the best offer and a fast response to putting an offer in on your home, please have the following ready:

fast cash offer
Location and Details

Please have the location and details of the property. We would like you to provide the square feet, lot size, bedrooms, bathrooms, and any other details we need to know about.

sell your home
Pictures (We like a lot of photos)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words! The more pictures you have, the better. This helps us to properly assess the condition and budget for work needed. In return, we are able to provide you with a fast cash offer.

we buy property
Let Us Know Your Reason

Flooded, cracked slab, inherited, about to be foreclosed on, or did you try to rehab the property yourself? NO PROBLEM!!! Regardless of the reason, we just want disclosure as to why you are selling.

sell your home

Sell Your Home! Get a Fast Cash Offer!

Start by filling out our online form "Quick Cash Offer" and we will provide you with an offer in typically less than 2 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Your House to USPI

We are here to answer any questions about trust deeds such as the minimum amount you have to invest, etc.

Are we Real Estate Agents looking to list your home?

Though we are licensed Real Estate Agents, our goal is not to list your property, but purchase it.

Am I obligated to take your offer?

There is absolutely no obligation to accept our offer. You are welcome to counter our offer or show us other offers from our competition and see if we will beat it.

How does the process work?

It is a very simple process. We ask that you provide us more information upfront then our competition. Our goal is to present you with our best offer the first time around. Would you buy a car without knowing how many miles were on it or if the tires were in good shape? The more information we get, the faster we can streamline the process. Do not get caught up with another investor who gets you right to the closing table just to inform you that there are too many items in need of repair. Next, they will ask you to cut your price down at the last minute. We are ethical and upfront about our intentions. How many other websites do you see that fully disclose they are buying the property to make a profit? All you have to do is fill out our online submission form and we will contact you shortly afterwards, either with a price or a few more questions. It is that simple!

Do you only buy single family homes?

We do not just purchase single family homes. We purchase many types of properties, but our main business is stick built, single family dwellings. We will purchase an array of property types such as:

  • Detached Single Family Residences
  • Attached Single Family Residences
  • Condos / Condominiums
  • Townhomes / Townhouses
  • Manufactured Homes on a Permanent Foundation (must own the land)
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Shopping Centers
Do you pay full market value?

Our offers range in value based on location, work needing done to the property, expected holding time, and any other costs that need to be taken into consideration. However, we do close fast, we get you cash, and occasionally we may pay all normal closing costs.

Do you buy houses or properties that are ugly or need a lot of repairs?

We will purchase homes that are barely standing. We also purchase homes that are so ugly, you refuse to let your friends drop you off at the house. In most cases the homes we purchase are a combination of both. It does not stop us from purchasing ugly homes that are in need of a lot of repairs.

Who is purchasing the home?

We are typically the principal in the transaction, but not always. Depending upon the location and the extent of our financial resources, there may be times we assign the contract. Most all of our contracts will have an assignee agreement that does not change the purchase price or the terms of the agreement to you. We align ourselves with a lot of affiliates, all of which can perform on the purchase in the event we are not going to be the principal in the transaction.

Is selling your home really that easy?

Believe it or not, selling your home to us is SIMPLE! The average time it takes is around 7 business days. We are extremely fast in getting a title report, disclosures, opening escrow, inspections, and funding. We can move even faster in some cases. We have closed homes in less than 24 hours, but these are rare exceptions.

Do we charge any fees or commissions?

There is never a fee or any commissions paid by you when we purchase your property. In the event we assign the contract, the agreed upon purchase price is what you will receive. We will not change any of the items negotiated between you and US Property Investors, LLC. Any additional funds above and beyond our agreed purchase price is to be paid to US Property Investors, LLC. If you decide not to sell your property to us, there is still no fee. If you decide to list your home with our team of licensed affiliated agents, then there will be a portion of your sale price paid as commissions. (This is standard practice when listing your home with a licensed real estate agent). You will always receive full disclosure when working with us. Please do not hesitate to inquire if you have additional questions. We are always happy to help!

What if I owe more on my home then it is worth?

We have a team of professional Short Sale Negotiators who can assist you in getting your home sold for less than you owe. We work with the banks to purchase the property. It is a bit more complicated and if this applies to your situation, please contact us. There are a lot of legal aspects to cover and it would be best to discuss the process via phone or in person. There are absolutely no fees involved for this service or us purchasing the home.

I am behind on payments and got a foreclosure notice, but have equity.

We can purchase your home extremely fast, and in most cases, before the foreclosure happens. If you are in dire need of a resolution, please contact us. We can help, but only if you are selling us your house. We do not loan money out to help homeowners who are behind on their mortage payments to get caught up.

What if I have liens on the property?

We will purchase the home regardless of liens, but in order to get a clear title, all the liens must be cured. If the liens exceed the value of the property or you have other questions, please contact us.

Still Have More Questions About Selling to Investors?

We are here to help and will answer any questions you have. Please fill out the form below or give us a call.

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